Indiana Governor Signs Limited Abortion Ban

Indiana Passes Pro-Life Law

Indiana Governor Erick Holcomb signed Indiana’s SB 1 into law this weekend.

Indiana’s House members passed the abortion ban on a 62-38 the Senate passed it 28-19.

The law leaves children conceived in rape and incest, and babies with disabilities deemed “incompatible with life” unprotected. The bill also does not apply to birth control or treatment for women suffering an ectopic pregnancy.

Enforcement of the abortion regulations will be achieved through licensing penalties against abortionists as well as potential criminal charges.

Democrats Oppose Bill Despite Exceptions

Proving that the issue of rape and incest are nothing more than political tools, after all they account for less than 1% of abortions, prominent Democrats like Vice President Kamala Harris continued to attack the Indiana law and it’s pro-life supporters.

Corporate America Sides With Radical Abortionists

Making the illogical assertion that protecting the right to life of preborn children will reduce their workforce, Indiana based Eli Lilly announced that it will be expanding outside of the state in retaliation for the pro-life law.

Hopefully, GOP legislators remember Big Pharma’s complicity with killing preborn babies next time they come looking for big government handouts.

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