House Passes Abortion on Demand Until Birth Bill, DOA in Senate

Pelosi, the "Catholic" merchant of death.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

By an almost perfect party line vote, the House of Representatives passed the euphemistically named “Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021”.

Only Representative Cuellar, a Democrat from Texas targeted by the left, broke with his party.

218 Democrats voted in favor of a bill that would eliminate all restrictions on abortion, stripping children in the womb of any rights whatsoever. The radical pro-abortion bill has already failed in the US Senate before and does not have the necessary votes to overcome the filibuster, which several moderate Democrats have refused to do away with at the altar of abortion.

H.R. 3755, specifically attempts to eliminate waiting periods, health and safety requirements for abortion clinics, requirements for in-person consultation before administering abortion cocktails, and most importantly of all, any limitations on the age of the baby/stage or stage of the pregnancy at which the abortion is committed.

H.R. 3755 purports to be legislating in favor of “women’s rights”, but fails to admit the biologically obvious fact that only biological women can get pregnant.

(7) Abortion-specific restrictions are a tool of gender oppression, as they target health care services that are used primarily by women. These paternalistic restrictions rely on and reinforce harmful stereotypes about gender roles, women’s decision-making, and women’s need for protection instead of support, undermining their ability to control their own lives and well-being. These restrictions harm the basic autonomy, dignity, and equality of women, and their ability to participate in the social and economic life of the Nation.

The result of this gender insanity is as Orwellian as any legislation every advanced through a chamber of the United States House of Representatives:

(8) The terms “woman” and “women” are used in this bill to reflect the identity of the majority of people targeted and affected by restrictions on abortion services, and to address squarely the targeted restrictions on abortion, which are rooted in misogyny. However, access to abortion services is critical to the health of every person capable of becoming pregnant. This Act is intended to protect all people with the capacity for pregnancy—cisgender women, transgender men, non-binary individuals, those who identify with a different gender, and others—who are unjustly harmed by restrictions on abortion services.

During last week’s hearings on Capitol Hill surrounding the issue of abortion, Senator Hawley and Professor Khiara Bridges tried to get some clarity on exactly what the Left thinks a woman is. The result was a surreal conversation with heaping servings of Orwellian language and victimism.

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