High Tech Lynching Redux

The leftist publication is publishing a perfectly timed attack on Georgia US Senate candidate Herschel Walker alleging the black pro-life conservative Christian paid for a girlfriend to have an abortion in 2009.

Mr. Walker stated he plans to sue the publication for defamation.

Unlike the cases of other prominent black conservatives such as Clarence Thomas, there is no Anita Hill in this case as the accuser has remained anonymous.

The Evidence Against Herschel Walker

Exhibits number one and two, are, of course, the color of his skin and his adherence to pro-life principles.

Aside from that, the anonymous source shows a receipt for an abortion that she herself paid, as well as a check from Herschel Walker and a get well card.

The receipt for the alleged abortion shows that the woman, not Mr. Walker, paid for the abortion, but the woman has a check from Mr. Walker for a different amount which she alleges was given her by Mr. Walker to reimburse her for the abortion. The get well card, shown below fails to mention abortion in any way.

Evidence alleging Herschel Walker paid for an abortion include this "Get Well Card".
Evidence alleging Herschel Walker paid for an abortion include this “Get Well Card”.

Mr. Walker, a Heisman trophy winner in college, retired from professional football in 1997 after a storied career.

The alleged abortion would have been committed in 2009.

Mainstreaming Racist Attacks Against Black Conservatives

The leftist mainstream media has been using every tool in its arsenal to go after Herschel Walker, including racist skits portraying him as an idiot and this one from SNL, referencing apes.

Of course, very little mention is given by the main stream media of Raphael Warnock running over his own wife’s foot or being arrested for covering up abuse at a camp that he ran.

No mention of Raphael Warnock running over his wife.

Democrat Hypocrisy Overload

Consider the fact that Herschel Walker is being accused of personally paying for a woman to abort. Yet the official democrat platform is to force abortion to be paid for by taxpayers. In other words, the Democrats are accusing Mr. Walker of doing voluntarily what they would wish to coerce him to do.

They are also accusing him of being unfit to be a US Senator while supporting senile Joe Biden as president of the United States.

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