HHS Secretary Wants to Use Tax Dollars to Transport Women to Commit Abortions

Xavier Becerra, Biden’s Secretary of Health and Human Services told NBC News that although his agency doesn’t usually assist in transportation, they will be doing so to promote the killing of unborn children.

Mr. Becerra, who could not affirm that this would be legal under his agency’s mandate stated that they “are going to be aggressive and go all the way” to circumvent states that decide to protect the right to life of the unborn.

Immediate Backlash

Becerra’s comments were immediately criticized on social media as another example of the radical left’s lawless approach to the constitution.

Another Pro-abortion Catholic

Becerra is another pro-abortion “Catholic” in an administration led by dissident Catholics who nevertheless continue to attack the right to life and the family.

Prominent pro-abortion dissident Catholics include President Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, and many Democrat politicians.

In a poll conducted in 2021, a large majority of practicing Catholics expressed the belief that pro-abortion politicians should not be allowed to receive communion.

Nancy Pelosi’s Archbishop, Archbishop Cordileone banned her from receiving communion in May.

Will Xavier Becerra’s bishop do the same?

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