Heartbeat & Abortion Regret Scenes in “Blonde” Makes Pro-Abortion Twitter Explode

Planned Parenthood opposes humanizing depiction of baby in the womb as well as regret at coerced abortion.

The original Netflix biopic film about Marilyn Monroe, Blonde, features two scenes that are driving abortion activists crazy on social media.

Heartbeat Scene

One scene, intercuts images of conception and early embryo development, including one long shot of an approximately 6-8 week old baby with a beating heart, along with the joyous emotions of Marilyn Monroe, elated at the thought of being a mother.

Interestingly, it was Netflix that decided to boycott the state of Georgia when it passed its heartbeat bill, threatening to stop production of its hit series if the bill became law.

Abortion Regret Scene

The other scene which is objectionable to abortion advocates includes a scene where Marilyn Monroe talks to her unborn child. The child is clearly a representation of Marilyn’s regret at suffering two previous abortions, which the movie says were coerced.

Abortion Advocates Show They Truly Are Anti-life

There could be no better example of how the abortion rights movement is truly anti-life than this latest outburst from Planned Parenthood and its followers.

Merely showing a CGI animation of a biologically accurate deeply desired baby in his or her early stages of development is considered offensive by the abortionist mega corporation.

They also fume at having a woman show regret and grief at having been coerced to abort. Does this mean Planned Parenthood and its cronies are in favor of coerced abortion? Should women who are forced to abort be happy about it?

I have not seen the movie yet, but I have to say they have gotten my interest. The movie is rated NC-17 and may still be objectionable based on sexual content, so viewer be ware. But at the very least, the people who made this movie have angered all the right people.

I will write a more complete review of the movie once my wife and I see the movie.

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