Oklahoma Governor Signs Executive Order to Help Babies and Parents

Governor Kevin Stitt signs executive order creating a ProLife task force to help babies and parents in crisis pregnancies.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt announced the signing of an Executive Order calling for the formation of the “Helping Every Life and Parent” task force.

Oklahoma Governor signs pro-life executive order

The Executive Order

The executive order will authorize the formation of the “Helping Every Life and Parent” task force which will be tasked with the following six points:

  1. Support crisis pregnancy centers in Oklahoma
  2. Eliminate unnecessary barriers to adoption
  3. Encourage and provide resources to local communities to help pregnant mothers
  4. Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly to support Oklahoma women and children
  5. Educate Oklahomans on the reality of life in the womb
  6. Empower nonprofit organization and local faith communities to support families before, during and after birth.

Governor Stitt and the great state of Oklahoma are among the 13 states that have enforced comprehensive abortion bans.

Next step … Personhood

While abortion bans are a great and necessary first step, the fight to protect pre-born children does not end with abortion. As long as the child in the womb is denied equal protection of the law, we will continue to see abuses and violations of their human rights.

Visit to see how you can become a Personhood advocate in your state.

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