Florida Judge Who Denied a Parental Notification Waiver for a Teen’s Abortion Loses Primary Election

A Florida judge who was incessantly attacked by the media for denying a parental notification waiver for a Florida teen has lost his reelection campaign.

The media went on a pro-abortion feeding frenzy when Judge Smith denied the anonymous teenage girl a waiver of the parental notification requirement based in part on the fact that she had lied about her school grades in her request for a waiver.

Under Florida law, a judge can waive parental consent if he finds by “clear and convincing evidence” that the minor is “sufficiently mature” to decide to have an abortion. “While she claimed that her grades were ‘Bs’ during her testimony, her GPA is currently 2.0,” Smith ruled. “Clearly, a ‘B’ average would not equate to a 2.0 GPA.” 

The media reported the story as the story of a mature young woman being forced to have an unwanted child due to her poor grades.

Abortion promoters, which includes 99% of the mainstream media will take every opportunity to erode the right to life which can now be protected by state law.

Not once will you read in any of these stories that the intent of the law is to safeguard the right to life of an innocent preborn human being. The focus will always be on a draconian law seeking to punish women, that is their narrative and they will not stray an inch from it.

The Importance of State Judicial Elections

The media’s bloodthirsty support of abortion is not news, but what is important for American ProLifers to know is that the powerful abortion lobby with its allies in the media are specifically targeting the state judiciary because after Dobbs that is where pro-life laws will be adjudicated.

If the pro-life movement doesn’t start paying attention and spending money on these local races, the gains made by the movement in defeating Roe and Casey will quickly evaporate as pro-abortion state judges create state “rights” to child murder to fit their personal policy preferences.

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