First Responders Suspended After Leaving a 24 Week Baby to Drown in Toilet

First Responders Suspended After Leaving a 24 Week Baby to Drown in Toilet
EMT’s in Rhode Island sever baby’s umbilical cord and leave him to die in toilet.

Two licensed Rhode Island Emergency Medical Technician’s (EMT) were recently suspended after they cut the umbilical cord of a baby who was born prematurely only to leave the baby in a toilet to drown.

The suspension report from the Rhode Island Department of Health describes that two EMT’s were called to assist a woman who had given birth to a 24-25 week premature baby while on the toilet at home. It is unclear from public reports if the birth was the result of an ongoing intentional abortion or simply a miscarriage.

After cutting the umbilical cord, the EMT’s escorted the mother to the next room leaving the baby drowning in the toilet. When they returned, they checked the baby’s pulse and could not find it, nor did they detect any movement of the baby so they put the baby in a hazardous waste bag.

When they arrived at the hospital, the medical staff demanded to see the baby and found that the baby still had a pulse and was alive. However, it was too late and the baby died.

The Rhode Island Department of Health suspended the men’s licenses after a finding that they acting with gross negligence, unprofessional conduct, and against state or federal laws.

To date, the men have not been charged with any state or federal crimes.

Flushing Babies Down Toilets Common at Abortion Clinics

Live Action has reported on numerous cases of abortion clinics hiding late term abortions by flushing babies down the toilet.

But even when the method of disposing of the body is not as gruesome, abortionists in Rhode Island can kill children before 24 weeks with impunity, and after 24 weeks until birth so long as they allege that the health of the woman makes the abortion necessary.

The health exception, as defined by the US Supreme Court in the now overturned Doe v. Bolton decision and implemented in pro-abortion states like Rhode Island, includes everything from emotional health, economic factors, and basically anything the abortionist wishes to use to justify profiting from the killing of the unborn child.

In 2019, in anticipation of a reversal of Roe v. Wade, the Democrat controlled Rhode Island legislature codified the “right” to kill a child in the euphemistically titled “Reproductive Privacy Act.”

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