FBI Raids President Trump’s Home But Refuses to Investigate Infanticide at DC Abortion Clinic

Commenting on the unprecedented raid of a President’s personal residence by the FBI (the law enforcement agency of the Department of Justice), pro-life commentator, Matt Walsh, pointed out that the DOJ has yet to investigate a DC abortion clinic where six months ago on April 1, 2022 gave pro-life activists the bodies of viable late term babies who had been killed by the clinic’s abortionist.

See the pictures of the murdered babies in the link below (warning: extremely graphic evidence of brutal homicides)

The evidence was serious enough for dozens of US Senators and Representatives to publicly call for the DOJ to investigate the clinic under federal laws that prohibit partial birth abortion and the killing of babies born alive after an attempted abortion.

You can find the letter that was sent to the Attorney General HERE

Instead of reporting on the gruesome crime committed in the killing of the preborn babies, tax payer funded fake news outlet NPR, and much of the legacy corporate media, reported the fact that the babies ended up in the possession of a pro-life activist who has been prosecuted for going into abortion clinics to try to peacefully try to counsel women against killing their babies.

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