European Court of Human Rights Rules Sacrilegious Urinating Naked Protesters Inside a Catholic Church Had Right to Protest Violated

FEMEN activist committing sacrilege inside a Catholic church in France
FEMEN activist committing sacrilege inside a Catholic church in France

The European Court of Human Rights unanimously ruled in favor of abortion activist Eloïse Bouton in a decision published Oct. 13 but dating back to events from nearly a decade ago.

According to the Catholic News Agency, on December 2013, Bouton entered the La Madeleine Catholic Church in Paris, with pro-abortion slogans painted across her bare body. The radical pro-abortion activist interrupted a Christmas rehearsal. According to local news reports cited by CNA, she walked up to the altar with a piece of animal liver, representing an unborn baby, and acted out an “abortion of Jesus” by the Virgin Mary. Then, she urinated on the floor, the report states.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled last week that the sentence, which was confirmed on appeal to the highest court in France, had violated violated article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights about freedom of expression because the prison sentence was “imposed in the context of a political or public debate.”

American ProLifer has been reporting on the open season on pro-lifers in the United States.

Since the Biden administration has been in power, over two hundred churches and nearly one hundred pregnancy resource centers and pro-life organizations have been systematically targeted by violent pro-aborts. The FBI has yet to make a single arrest or make public any details of any ongoing investigations.

Instead, the DOJ and FBI have been launching militarized raids against peaceful pro-life protesters who dared to pray, sing hymns and offer help to pregnant mothers going into abortion centers.

This latest ruling from the ECHR shows that the phenomenon of a double standard in law enforcement and accountability is not only an American phenomenon but a worldwide one linked to radical pro-abortion activists and their allies in the world’s governmental institutions.

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