Dallas City Council Votes to Ignore Texas Pro-life Laws

Dallas City Council passes radical pro-abortion resolution.

Proving that no big city is safe for preborn children, a super majority of Dallas’ city council voted for a resolution to force local police to ignore the Lone Star state’s pro-life protections.

Out of the 14 members of the city council, one for each of Dallas’ districts, only one, Adam McGough, voted to even discuss the pro-abortion resolution.

Mr. McGough made an impassioned plea to his fellow council members to at least consider that what the resolution refers to as “pregnancy outcomes” involves the life of a preborn human being.

The thirteen pro-abortion city council members not only did not consider Mr. McGough’s plea, but also intentionally misled pro-life citizens of the City of Dallas by emailing them that the vote had been deferred, only to hold the vote anyways.

The text of the resolution is replete with pro-abortion and woke euphemisms, going as far as using the term pregnant people to imply that men can get pregnant.

The resolution cites the unconstitutional, recently overturned, Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade and calls the killing of preborn children “abortion care” and “reproductive services”.

To read the entire resolution please click HERE


The GRACE Act stands for the euphemistically named Guarding the Right to Abortion Care for Everyone. Abortion, of course, is neither a right, nor is it care. It is murder and is a serious crime in Texas.

The Dallas City Council resolution is part of a wider effort by pro-abortion activists to promote abortion by selectively withholding funds from law enforcement for the prosecution of crimes against the preborn.

Pro-lifers in Texas previously defeated two similar resolutions, one in El Paso and another in Waco, thanks in large part to the efforts of pro-life attorney Mike Siebel of Abortion on Trial and hundreds of local pro-lifers.

However, other large Texas city councils such as Austin, San Antonio, and Denton previously passed similar pro-abortion resolutions.

Other cities in pro-life states voting to pass pro-abortion resolutions are Atlanta (GA), Columbus (OH), Memphis (TN), and New Orleans (LA).

Fighting Back

Not only have local pro-lifers warned big city council members that their votes on these resolutions will be front and center in their reelection campaigns, but some states such as Louisiana have taken measures to rein in big city pro-abortion legislators in pro-life states.

To date, the best example of this pro-life push-back came from Louisiana where the state’s bond commission pulled $39 Million in public funding from the city of New Orleans after it attempted to declare itself an abortion sanctuary.

The American Pro-Lifer will be launching a campaign to ask the Attorney General and Governor of Texas to follow the example of Louisiana and deny state funding to cities that refuse to enforce state pro-life protections.

Please come back to often for the latest on the local battles to protect the right to life.

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