Charges Pending for Killing of Virginia Unborn Baby by Pro-abortion Father

A naval officer based in Tidewater Virginia has been charged by local police with the fatal shooting of his pregnant girlfriend.

Initial reports from the police did not mention that the cause of death was that the female victim had refused to abort the suspect’s child. However, a GoFund me campaign launched by the young woman’s father tells the whole story.

Raquiah met a young man and moved to Virginia to live with him while he pursued a career. In the process, they fell in love and conceived a child. However, the father changed his mind about having the baby and forced Raquiah to have an abortion, which she refused. As a result, they got into numerous arguments about it. One day, Raquiah and her boyfriend went to the abortion clinic, but once inside, Raquiah changed her mind, and her boyfriend became furious. They then got into a fight outside in the car on the way home, the killer killed her and her unborn baby. They both died instantly on the scene.

Excerpt from the GoFundMe campaign for Raquiah

In Virginia, the criminal code of Virginia Section 18.2-32.2 sets out a minimum punishment of 5 years and maximum of 40 years for anyone who kills an unborn baby.

Any person who unlawfully, willfully, deliberately and maliciously kills the fetus of another is guilty of a felony punishable by confinement in a state correctional facility for not less than five nor more than 40 years.

Hanover Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. James Cooper stated that charges are pending related to the death of the fetus but the suspect, Emmanuel Dewayne Coble, 27, has already been charged with first degree murder and felony use of a firearm in the killing of Raquiah Paulette King, 20.

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