British Parliament Bans Silent Prayer Near Abortion Centers

First it was Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, and Adam Smith-Connor.

Then Father Sean Gough.

And now it is every person in Britain who will be arrested for silently praying near an abortion center.

The British parliament passed a law yesterday that criminalizes silent prayer as a form of forbidden intimidation.

Here is the surreal footage of British MP, Sir John Hayes, having to argue that it is wrong to outlaw prayer.

The religious freedom law firm ADF, which has been representing several of the persons being arrested issued a press release yesterday announcing the passage of the thought crime legislation through the house of parliament.

Clause 10 (formerly Clause 9) of the Public Order Bill will criminalize any form of “influence” outside of abortion centers. It is now clear that this undue influence will include even silent prayers.  

An amendment to permit silent prayer and consensual conversations within the censorship zones was proposed by Andrew Lewer MP, but failed to pass after a vote of 116 to 299.

The final bill was approved by an identical 116-299 vote.

Many commentators have been pointing out the apparent double standard of criminalizing prayer outside of abortion clinics, while allowing large gatherings of Muslims to block entire city blocks while performing their prayers.

Perhaps British pro-lifers could reach out to Muslim pro-lifers, especially those sunni Muslims who follow the Maliki school, to hold their prayer meetings outside of abortion clinics?

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