The Vatican, which has done nothing to reprimand fake Catholics politicians such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden for their advocacy of abortion and the destruction of marriage, has officially removed Father Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life, from the priesthood.

The surprise move has shocked the pro-life movement, especially Catholics in America, who had grown to know Father Pavone as one of the most visible faces of the movement.

Bishop Strickland, the Catholic bishop of Tyler, Texas, reacted immediately, calling the defrocking of Father Pavone and act of “blasphemy.”

The story was broken by the Catholic News Agency, which obtained a letter from the Vatican’s ambassador, or nuncio, to the United States, Christophe Pierre.

According to CNA, the letter accuses Fr. Pavone of “blasphemous communications on social media” and “persistent disobedience of the lawful instructions of his diocesan bishop.”

Father Pavone reacted to the news almost immediately by hosting a Twitter Live video conference.

He also posted the words “Ecclesiastical #abortion” in reference to his defrocking, by the abortionist friendly Vatican.

Father Frank Pavone’s defrocking, something the Catholic hierarchy only does in the most extreme of circumstances such as in the case of a convicted child molester, is deeply troubling.

Catholic pro-life activists who have seen how pro-lifers have been increasingly excluded by the pope and his supporters at the Vatican and replaced from important positions by abortion supporters, globalists, and other enemies of the Church, all under the guise of being open for “dialogue” with everyone … except, apparently, dialogue with faithful Catholics.

The letter from the Vatican refers to Father Pavone as Mr. Pavone, emphasizing the stripping away of his priestly faculties, this publication will continue to refer to him as Father Pavone.


  1. We’ll be very glad to welcome Father Pavone into the Anglican fold.

  2. I am truly stunned by this out-of-the-blue edict from the Vatican removing Father Pavone from the priesthood, not just suspending his faculties, but actually “laicizing” him. There has been no warning of this from any sector, no adequate explanation of the so-called “blasphemies on social media” that led to this extraordinary decision, no preparation for the faithful or clergy regarding the impact this quite shocking occurrence would have on the faith and spirit of faithful Catholics and other Christians of good will who fight for the rights of the unborn. We all need and deserve more information about the specifics of the charges against Father Pavone and the severity of the sentence he received. It is impossible to know how to respond except with suspicion when people are kept out of the loop on such serious matters.


  4. WHAT a CRIME,,!! WHAT about all the other Priests, who have committed sin against the Lord.

  5. The Vatican has failed to act in the case of too many priests who have engaged in such grave sin, leaving suffering victims, costing the Church in America alone BILLIONS of dollars, and leading to many faithful leaving the Catholic Church. Yet this honorable priest, who has fought, and fought hard, to protect innocent human life has been defrocked?! I am in a state of shock and cannot comprehend the actions of the current pope – not on this issue, nor on many others. The hypocrisy is stunning. Many pro-lifers, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, will continue to hold Fr. Pavone up as a man of God who has worked so hard, despite the opposition he has faced by the most senior leadership of the Roman Catholic Church, to do good. I believe he remains forever a priest – a beloved priest – in the eyes of God. You are in my prayers, Fr. Pavone.

  6. I am very tired of many of the hierarchy in the Church admonishing & stripping GOOD, TRUTHFUL & hard working priests that are committed to Christ & His Church from continuing their work in Christ’s vineyard. The marginal priests get kept & moved around & the authentic & sincere priests get the boot 🥾!!! So unfair. It is disgusting & the laity know there are many Bishops & Cardinals & perhaps higher who are not on the narrow road!!! I protest this defrocking of the very GOOD pro-LIFE Fr. Pravone!! Get your house in order!! Jesus us coming ,,,,,,,,,,

  7. This is just scandalous! But not surprising, being that sex abusers are allowed to continue and just shuffled around like with musical chairs. Every form of evil is not only allowed, but has the red carpet rolled out and is met with an embrace. Those are the types that are welcomed at the Vatican now while good folks who stand up for what is right, Catholic or not, are shunned and shown the door and vilified by this AC pope. So I side with you guys on this one needless to say.

  8. I’m deeply sorry and sad to read about Father Pavone, I wish him to know we will be praying for him so he can listen to God’s will in this hard moment of his life and the world, and hopefully he can still help us all Catholic flock follow the true teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. As for now I can say: you don’t have to be a priest, you can and are a very well prepared Catholic men that I believe can keep teaching and leading, helping and joining our Catholic church thru this weird bad times we are going thru. May God help us and the Virgen Mary pray for us, so we keep our heads up and speak up the truth and love and defend the innocent now and always no matter where we are, and what we need to do, adapt, change, but keep being you! The beloved Catholic men you are. Love and prayers with you Father Pavone.

  9. One has to wonder if Jorge Bergolio is really in charge, or is Cardinal Bergoglio, as he has done many very questionable things, such as welcoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi into the Vatican, giving support to Father James Martin who sides with homosexuality as being legitimate, that men can marry men and they can kiss in church during the sign of peace. He has given approval to President Biden and he has not disciplined or even vocalized opposition to any of the so-called Catholic American politicians who support abortion, homosexuality and have consistently gone against Church teachings. Yet Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio has taken the priesthood away from Father Frank Pavone Who has fought tirelessly for children who are murdered and slaughtered in abortion and yet Cardinal Jorge Bergolio has not given his support to Father Pavone. With this and other actions, such as the Pachamam in the Vatican, one definitely wonders and highly questions Cardinal Jorge Bergolio’s true Devotion to Catholicism and his role in the Papacy. I would consider Father Pavone’s defrocking as completely and totally invalid and that he remains a priest while perhaps Cardinal Jorge Bergolio and his supporters in the background, have really excommunicated themselves by their very actions.

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