Biden Executive Order on Abortion Pretends to Solve a Problem that Doesn’t Exist

Biden Whitehouse Pretends to Solve a Problem that Doesn't Exist by Ordering Doctors to Provide Emergency Medical Treatment to Pregnant Mothers at Hospitals

The devil is the father of lies, and abortion is his most unholy sacrament. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the promoters of abortion like our “very devout” president, employ lies in deception at will to scare misinformed citizens to accept abortion.

The President’s Executive Order

As the White House’s official Twitter account posted, the president’s Executive Order purports to “take action” to protect abortion even in states that ban it. The White House disingenuously states that doctors may feel uncertain about providing emergency medical treatment to pregnant women.

As examples of when Biden’s executive order purports to “take action” the White House cites cases where a woman is undergoing a miscarriage or is suffering form a life threatening condition during pregnancy that requires treatment.

Some in the abortion-loving Left took the bait and rejoiced at the White House’s executive order.

Others sought to give legitimacy and gravitas to Mr. Biden’s executive order by pointing to the fact that federal law supersedes state law.

You can read the letter from the Biden White House to hospitals, HERE.

Do State Abortion Bans Prevent Emergency Medical Treatment?

Every single one of the thirteen states that has significantly restricted or banned abortion includes a medical emergency provision.

If that is the case, why would the Biden administration and his abortion craved department of “Health” and Human Services (HHS) publicize this part of the Executive Order?

The truth is that the far-Left wing of the democrat party is unhappy with the incompetent Biden administration that has presided over the greatest advances in the ProLife movement in the last 50 years.

The executive order solves a problem that does not exist and some pro-abortion activists are not happy with it.

The fact of the matter is that during the entire history of the United States (or the colonial period) there is not a single case where a doctor was charged for providing legitimate medical treatment intended to save the life of the mother.

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