Biden Admin Sues Idaho to Block ProLife Law

Confused Biden

The pro-abortion Biden administration announced a lawsuit against the state of Idaho today to block the state’s abortion ban which would become effective on August 25th.

Idaho’s law will ban all abortions except for cases of rape and incest, or when a doctor determines it is necessary to save a woman’s life.

Attorney General Merrick Garland stated that Idaho’s law would violate the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, which requires doctors to provide “stabilizing treatment.”

Texas has already sued to invalidate the department of Health and Human Services’ guidelins for implementing the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act. Texas attorney general Ken Paxton argued that the guidance would essentially turn hospitals into walk-in abortion mills.

In the Dobbs opinion, the Supreme Court ruled that:

The constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each state from regulating or prohibiting abortions.

Dobbs v Jackson

This is the first legal challenge from the self described ”very devout” Catholic president attacking the right to life of preborn babies and the state’s ability to defend them.

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