Biden Admin Attempts to Make Veterans Hospitals Into Abortion Clinics

The moral corruption and depravity of the Biden administration seems to know no bounds.

Pro-abortion Administrative State

On August 29th, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Denis McDonough issued an “interim final rule with request for comments” in which the VA attempts to unilaterally eliminate the prohibition that congress enacted against committing abortions in VA hospitals.

The proposed rule change acknowledges that a law passed by congress, the Veterans Healthcare Act of 1992, Section 106, currently prohibits aborting unborn children at VA hospitals.

Unless VA removes its existing prohibitions on abortion-related care and makes clear that needed abortion-related care is authorized, these veterans will face serious threats to their life and health.

Proposed VA Rule

And yet, Biden’s VA has decided to proceed in its attempt to promote abortion, in a very similar manner to what Biden’s HHS unsuccessfully attempted to do with the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act.

Senator Lankford Responds

Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma is having none of it though, writing a powerful letter to Secretary McDonough warning him that his actions as head of the VA violate the law.

McDonough, like most of Biden’s highest appointees is a veteran of the Obama administration but not a veteran of the armed forces, which the VA exists to serve.

After Dobbs, These Actions are Unconstitutional

In June, the Supreme Court held that Roe and Casey were unconstitutional decisions, that states had the power to adopt a view that “a human person comes into being at conception and that abortion ends an innocent life,” and that “the Constitution makes no reference to abortion, and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision.”

In a recent decision in which Texas successfully defeated the Biden administration’s attempt to turn Texas hospitals into “walk-in abortion clinics” a federal judge explained that federal agencies could not preempt state law unless an explicit conflict between federal law and state law existed.

That Guidance goes well beyond EMTALA’s text, which protects both mothers and unborn children, is silent as to abortion, and preempts state law only when the two directly conflict.

State of Texas v Becerra

Under the same logic, the case against the VA’s proposed rule change is even stronger since not only is federal not silent, it actually prohibits abortions at VA hospitals.

Please click on the button below to sign our petition against turning clinics that are supposed to care for our brave veterans into killing centers of unborn children.

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