Bengals QB Joe Burrow IS Pro-Abortion

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is proabortion
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is Pro-abortion

Joe Burrow posted a message on Instagram describing why he supports abortion. Immediately, the left’s megaphones began to praise the QB as a fine human being.

Burrow states he is not “pro-murdering babies”, but that is exactly what abortion is. The cases described by Burrow to justify his support for “murdering babies” point to three specific situations that can be addressed individually: prenatal disability, rape, and extremely rare complications of pregnancy.

Prenatal Disability

Often, the term “incompatible with life” is incorrectly used to describe cases like the one Joe Burrow lists. However, the term is one that makes a value judgement on life, and is not a medical diagnosis. Unbiased doctors who are not trying to promote abortion recognize that performing an abortion in the third trimester to kill an unborn child who suffers from a fatal disability is always discriminatory, never necessary, and in fact can often be more dangerous to the mother than simply allowing for the natural process of birth, death, and grieving to take place.

The Geneva Declaration on Perinatal Care was an international document developed after a conference of medical professionals examined the fact that over 90% of children with disabilities are aborted. The document emphasized the need to provide perinatal care instead of abortion advocacy and discriminatory policies towards unborn children with disabilities.


The case of pregnancy after rape is often used to justify abortion.

Even though it is extremely rare, and makes up less than one percent of the abortions that are committed, it is the reason many people support legalizing abortion.

It is interesting to note that around 80% women who are raped chose to give life to the child.

It is also interesting that many who oppose the death penalty for rapists, believe in abortion in cases of rape.

Read this excellent article from the Personhood Alliance for all the facts on abortion in cases of rape.

Complications of Pregnancy

During the debate of the law that would have banned the gruesome practice of partial birth abortion, over 30,000 doctors signed a statement asserting that abortion is NEVER necessary to save the life of the mother.

There are rare circumstances in which a mother’s life is in jeopardy due to either pre-existing conditions or pregnancy complications. It is extremely rare for this to occur prior to the point of viability. After 20 weeks fertilization age, it is never necessary to intentionally kill the fetal human being in order to save a woman’s life. In cases where the mother’s life actually is in danger in the latter half of pregnancy, there is not time for an abortion, because an abortion typically is a two to three-day process. Instead, immediate delivery is needed in these situations, and can be done in a medically appropriate way (labor induction or C-section) by the woman’s own physician. We can, and do, save the life of the mother through delivery of an intact infant in a hospital where both the mother and her newborn can receive the care that they need. There is no medical reason to intentionally kill that fetal human being through an inhumane abortion procedure, e.g. dismembering a living human being capable of feeling pain, or saline induction which burns off the skin, or feticide with subsequent induction.


From the timing of Joe Burrow’s statement, it is evident that the Cincinnati Bengal’s quarterback is stating his position vis-a-vis the Dobbs opinion and is in support of Roe v. Wade. And although he states he is not pro-murdering babies, it is clear that Joe Burrow is in favor of using misleading extreme cases to support that which he says he doesn’t support, which is nothing less than the murdering of babies through abortion.

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