Battle for Ohio’s Heartbeat

Ohio Supreme Court

Day 1: Dobbs Overturns Roe and Casey

On the day that the US Supreme Court handed down the Dobbs decision, Attorney General Dave Yost filed a motion to vacate the injunction blocking Ohio’s heartbeat law.

The federal court lifted the injunction immediately interpreting correctly that the Dobbs decision had now settled the question of the constitutionality of the heartbeat bill.

Losing in Federal Ct Abortionists Head to State Supreme Ct

Less than a week after Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost successfully petitioned the federal courts to lift the injunction blocking enforcement of the heartbeat bill, abortionists with the help of the ACLU, filed a petition with the Ohio Supreme Court to block the heartbeat law under the state constitution.

The initial filing from the abortionists asking for an emergency stay to block enforcement of the Ohio heartbeat bill during the course of the trial was rejected.

However, the case remains very much alive as the Ohio Supreme Court considers the arguments before it.

As can be seen from the complaint the abortionists are represented by well-funded, powerful, out of state attorneys from Boston, New York and San Francisco.

The Writ of Mandamus

On July 20th, the Attorney General filed a motion to dismiss the case, arguing the abortionists are improperly seeking a to use a writ of mandamus (an order from the court to state officials to do their job and enforce the law) for purposes of revoking a properly enacted law.

The Media Goes on the Offensive

Ohio pro-lifers like the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio are solidly behind Ohio’s Attorney General, telling The American ProLifer that “we are encouraged by AG Yost’s continued efforts to protect the Heartbeat law in Ohio.” 

However, many in the media are out for blood and have attempted to use the tragic case of a 10 year old girl who was allegedly raped and became pregnant to attack the Attorney General. Citing the medical uncertainty of determining what is a medical emergency that would justify an abortion, abortion advocates in the media are attempting to paint the Attorney General into a corner by making him seem extreme for refusing to give a blanket approval for the killing of unborn children conceived in rape.

Ohio is a State to Watch

No only is Ohio a crucial electoral state on the national level, but now it is also proving to be one of the most important states at the center of the radical left’s war to uphold their belief in the “sanctity” of abortion.

From a political and a legal angle, pro-lifers should watch what happens in Ohio very carefully.

Please send a message of support directly to Attorney General Dave Yost by clicking on this campaign.

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