An Inside Look at Planned Parenthood’s Deathscort Manual

Cover of PP’s Deathscort Training Manual

During the recent unjust trial of pro-life sidewalk counselor Mark Houck, a document was made public that gives pro-lifers an inside look at how Planned Parenthood instructs its abortion volunteers.

Pro-life sidewalk counselors call these pro-abortion volunteers “deathscorts” because they attempt to shield off pro-lifers from approaching women and offering them alternatives to abortion.

The document was used during trial to show how the man who verbally abused and pursued Mark Houck and his son was acting against in violation of Planned Parenthood’s own policies.

Deathscorts are often verbally abusive towards pro-life prayer warriors and sidewalk counselors, but how does Planned Parenthood’s training manual instruct them?

Take a look:



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