American ProLifer and Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio Launch Campaign to Support AG Dave Yost

Attorney General Dave Yost is asking the Ohio Supreme Court to take up his appeal against a lower court ruling that unilaterally invented a state right to abortion within the constitution of Ohio.

This week’s legal filing from the Ohio Attorney General comes after months of litigation that began almost immediately after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Margie Christie, the Executive Director of Dayton Right to Life, and a member of the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio told The American ProLifer:

RTLACO is very encouraged by the action of our Attorney General Yost in their recent appeal.  Ohio’s Heartbeat law is solid and should be reinstated.  One Common Pleas judge should not have the power to overturn Ohio law.

American ProLifer and our partners in Ohio, the Ohio Right to Life Action Coalition have started a campaign to support Attorney General Dave Yost as he stands up for the right to life in Ohio’s courts. Please read and forward this campaign on to anyone you know in Ohio so that they may contact their elected officials and make their voices heard.

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