American Abortion Activist Tries to Take Down Malta’s Pro-life Laws

Malta is a small country in the Mediterranean, just south of Italy.

Until recently, this beautiful island nation had the distinction of being the only country in the EU with a no-exceptions pro-life law, completely outlawing intentional abortion. Malta also has the distinction of having an extremely low maternal mortality rate, three times LOWER than the United States, according to the latest UN statistics.

Like other countries, and now also some states (in the United States), which ban abortion, Malta’s obstetricians operate on the basis of a two-patient model, where mother and baby are treated with due regard for both of their lives.

In Malta, in cases where the mother’s physical life is threatened, doctors are permitted to intervene by inducing labor, even if that results in the unfortunate and unintentional loss of the baby.

But right now, Malta is at the center of a legal storm which could see their good pro-life laws wiped away.

Now, a constitutional court case is being tried over an event which occurred last summer. Malta is being sued because the claimant alleges that her life was put in jeopardy by the country’s pro-life laws.

In case you missed it, an American woman named Andrea Prudente, who was 16-weeks pregnant, was apparently touring Malta last summer when her waters broke. Prudente was admitted for treatment under the care of OB-GYN, Dr. Alberto Vella, at the Mater Dei Hospital in in Msida, Malta, which is a relatively new hospital affiliated to the University of Malta.

Then, a curious thing happened.

According to court testimony, which has come to light after local media reported on it, Dr. Vella’s team was contacted by Prof. Isabel Stabile — a prominent Maltese pro-abortion activist who has spoken on behalf of ‘Doctors for Choice Malta’ — telling him that “the patient [i.e., Prudente] was potentially in danger, and…that ‘you know what you should do.’”

Shortly thereafter, this story went viral, making headlines around the world as the mainstream media claimed that Prudente’s life was in danger because of Malta’s pro-life laws…and, insisting on change.

But according to new court testimony – it appears that this was a lie of gigantic proportions!

In fact, it now appears from court testimony that Prudente’s life was never in danger at all.

And, not only that, but it also now appears that Prudente’s baby had a fair chance at survival!

In a report of court proceedings in Malta Today, Dr. Yes Muscat Baron, who is also an OB-GYN and the chair
of the Maternity and Gynaecology Department at Mater Dei, testified:

“In my experience, I encountered four similar cases in which the baby survived, both in the UK and here.” He went on to say: “One patient had ruptured membranes at 13 weeks. She took antibiotics and treatment…the baby lived, after life-saving surgery was performed.”

Dr. Yes Muscat Baron

At the time, all the doctors involved in Ms. Prudente’s treatment in Malta agreed. They are now testifying in court, that her life was, in fact, not in danger and that the monitoring and treatment protocols were working.

However, instead of continuing her treatment in Malta, Ms. Prudente apparently insisted on being discharged from Mater Dei in order to travel to Spain, where she killed her baby through a late-term abortion.

From the court testimony of the consultant doctors who were managing her case at the time, it appears that Ms. Prudente’s life was never in jeopardy. Remarkable, given her condition, thanks to the internal membranes of the womb, her baby also had a decent chance at surviving.

Although we may never know, it seems like more than mere coincidence that one of Malta’s most prominent pro-abortion activists should suddenly become involved in a case involving an American tourist on holiday.

Maltese pro-abortion activists parroted the same lies as all the pro-abortion activists in the United States, namely that direct and intentional abortion is necessary to save the life of the mother.

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