All Eyes on Texas Chemical Abortion Case

Speaking at a hearing in Texas, Judge Kacsmaryk and attorneys from President Biden’s department of Justice seemed to be on two different planets. On the one hand, the DOJ attorneys referred to the deadly abortion drugs in question as medicines and care, while on the other hand Judge Kacsmaryk called them chemical abortion and mail-order abortion.

Courtroom of Judge Kacsmaryk

At question is a case which will decide whether the Biden administration plan to flood America with chemical abortion drugs will be allowed to proceed.

The FDA, at the direction of President Biden, has been removing all regulations for the drug mifepristone, a chemical invented with the sole purpose of starving the developing baby to death in his or her mother’s womb.

As soon as he assumed office, President Biden directed the FDA through a series of Executive Orders to use the COVID pandemic as an excuse to allow mail-order and tele-health prescription of the drugs. These emergency measures were made permanent towards the end of the pandemic. Recently, the Biden administration also announced that it would be allowing retail pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid to dispense the abortion causing drugs, essentially turning every neighborhood pharmacy into a chemical abortion center.

Much of the mainstream media coverage has focused on the personal background of Judge Kacsmaryk, a Trump appointee with a history of having worked for conservative advocacy groups. Kacsmaryk’s personal religious background, he is a Christian, is repeated ad nauseam by media outlets who otherwise ignore the background of countless judges who were members of liberal advocacy groups like the ACLU and who do not profess any religious faith.

In a particularly egregious case of media bias, a judge in Michigan who had worked for Planned Parenthood and was also a regular donor to the organization, ruled to strike down Michigan’s pro-life criminal law after refusing requests to recuse herself. The media gave the exceedingly strong argument for the judge’s recusal no coverage whatsoever.

Judge Kacsmaryk already dealt a blow to the Biden administration when he ruled in favor of parental rights in a case that held that Title X (federally funded “family planning”) could not be used to circumvent parental consent for minors attempting to get state funded contraceptives.

The current case, brought by the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine against the FDA, focuses on the medical review process required for approval of drugs, and how the FDA used tactics, such as calling pregnancy a disease, in order to seek it’s expedited approval. For more information on the case please refer to our recent coverage of this case.

At the end of last week’s hearing, Kacsmaryk promised to make a decision “as soon as possible.”

All eyes are on the Texas federal court’s decision.

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