The American Pro-Lifer is a media company that provides thoughtful commentary and news for patriotic American pro-lifers.

With Roe v. Wade finally gone, it is more important than ever for pro-life Americans to openly share our thoughts and put our convictions into practice as active and committed citizens.

At The American ProLifer we will not publish conspiracy theories or disinformation. This means verifiable sources will be required and openly cited whenever possible. However, we will not shy away from politically incorrect views and opinions. We will not accept ideological censorship.

The American ProLifer, will be fiercely non-partisan because our goal is to protect babies in the womb, not to score points for a candidate or political party. We are standard bearers not kingmakers.

Beginning with original writing, The American ProLifer will grow to include podcasts, and video content as well.

A key part of the mission of The American ProLifer will be to focus on integrating commentary and news with advocacy. This means that our short term goal is to provide insightful content to inform, educate and entertain our readers but also to provide pro-life Americans with the means to become engaged with their elected representatives to build a culture of life.

At The American Pro-lifer we are people of faith and we welcome people of all other faiths, as well as people who have not yet found God, to contribute. As long as you want to build a culture of life, you are welcome to join us wherever you are on your faith walk.

We hope you enjoy The American ProLifer and help us build a culture of life in America.