Abortionist Accused of Sending Victim of Child Abuse Back to Perpetrator

Indiana abortionist Caitlin Bernard is accused of violating the privacy of a minor and of putting her at risk by sending her back to her abuser.
Indiana Abortionist Caitlin Bernard appears in court.

The Indiana abortionist who killed the unborn baby of an Ohio 10 year old victim of abuse was accused by the Indiana Attorney General of breaking child abuse reporting laws.

Abortionist Caitlin Bernard killed the unborn baby on June 30 after the ten year old girl was taken from Ohio to Indiana.

Attorney General Todd Rokita explained in a statement that by failing to report the abuse that led to the pregnancy, the abortionist could have been sending the young girl right back to the perpetrator to continue to be abused.

If the doctor did not choose to use her patient, a 10-year-old rape victim, to further her own political agenda, we would not be here today. There is no defensible reason for this doctor to shatter her 10-year-old patient’s trust by divulging her abortion procedure to a reporter so her traumatizing experience could be used in the polarizing abortion debate on the heels of Dobbs. The evidence strongly suggests that the doctor violated the mandatory reporting law, which required her to immediately report the child’s abuse to Indiana authorities. Only by reporting to Indiana authorities immediately, as called for by statute, might the little girl have been spared from potentially being sent back to her perpetrator. This doctor demands immunity from all scrutiny, but her remedy is before the Medical Licensing Board, not an injunction from this Court.  We believe she has failed to carry her burden of proof and that the Office of the Attorney General should be free to continue its statutory duty to hold physicians and other practitioners to the standards of the law.


Indiana law requires mandatory reporting of abortions committed on girls under 16 not only to the Indiana State Department of Health but also to the Department of Child Services to investigate likely child sex abuse.

According to the Epoch Times, not only did the abortionist violate the privacy of the minor by divulging her identity to a reporter in order to attack Ohio’s pro-life laws, she also didn’t report the abuse to Child Protective Services as required by law, and finally she misstated the rapist’s age as being 17 years old, instead of his actual age of 27.

In 2018, reported that Dr. Caitlin Bernard was one of nine abortionists in the state of Indiana who were committing abortion on girls as young as 12 and not reporting the cases to authorities. The doctors appear to have suffered no reprimands for their prior violation of the reporting law.

Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry in general have a long history of political persecution of any law enforcement officials who seek to enforce child abuse reporting laws.

The most famous case being that of Phill Kline, who as a Kansas legislator co-sponsored legislation to mandate reporting of the statutory rapes responsible for pregnancies of young girls who ended up getting abortions. When prosecutors refused to enforce the law. Mr. Kline became a prosecutor and attempted to enforce the mandatory reporting. When the courts stopped him, he ran for Attorney General and attempted to enforce the law. Eventually Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry sued him to have his law license removed, all to prevent the mandatory reporting of child abuse of young girls.

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