Texas AG Sues Biden Admin Over Executive Order on Abortion

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Sues the Biden Administration over the president's pro-abortion executive order.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton continues to lead the pack of pro-life states seeking to vigorously defend and enforce their pro-life laws.

On Thursday, he filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration over the Executive Order on abortion.

The Biden Executive Order on abortion includes a provision threatening the withdrawal of federal funding to hospitals that do not comply with the order and attempts to define what constitutes a medical emergency so vaguely that Attorney General Paxton believes it would turn hospitals into “walk-in abortion clinics.”

In a guidance letter to hospitals issued by the Health and Human Services Department, the Biden administration explained that the executive order requires doctors to perform abortions in medical emergencies if their clinical judgement finds such a procedure would help “stabilize” a pregnant patient.

In a statement, Attorney General Ken Paxton fought back against the attempt to expand the medical emergency definition by including such vague terms that might allow non life-threatening conditions to be used as a justification for abortion:

“This administration has a hard time following the law, and now they are trying to have their appointed bureaucrats mandate that hospitals and emergency medicine physicians perform abortions”

TX AG Ken Paxton

Reacting to the filing of the lawsuit, the White House accused the Texas Attorney General of “extreme and radical” action and of attempting to prevent life saving treatment for pregnant women.

Attorney General Ken Paxton shot back calling the White House’s bluff and pointing out that Texas law already includes provisions to protect legitimate life-saving treatment, but does so in a more specific and well-defined manner than the president’s purposefully vague executive order.

Texas law includes protections for doctors who might have to perform an unintentional abortion where there exists a “life threatening physical condition” that results in a “risk of death or poses a serious risk of substantial impairment of a major bodily function.”

This is the latest in a series of legal battles as pro-life states seek to enforce pro-life protections and are being met with lawsuits in state courts and federal attempts by the Biden administration to block pro-life efforts to enforce laws to protect pre-born children and women from the evil of abortion.

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