Abortion Was First Legalized in the USSR in 1920

The Soviet Union Was the First Pro-Abortion State
Abortion propaganda in the Soviet Union

Legalized abortion has always been promoted by godless people. The first truly godless state, the Soviet Union, first legalized abortion through an order of the Commissariats of Health and Justice on November 18, 1920.

Interestingly, the Soviet order legalizing abortion, called abortion “an evil” practice in four different occasions, but then listed the same fallacies which are used to this day to justify abortion.

  1. Outlawing abortion only serves to make them unsafe for women by driving the industry underground.
  2. Abortion can be made unnecessary if socialist policies are implemented to provide for women.

By working for socialism, and by introducing the protection of maternity and infancy on an extensive scale, it feels assured of achieving the gradual disappearance of this evil.


Necessary for Maternal Health?

Today, abortion activists continue to make false arguments about the need for abortion to reduce maternal mortality. Yet all the evidence points to economic factors, education and general prenatal care as the factors that most impact the maternal mortality rate.

In nations such as Chile and Ireland, which until recently prohibited abortion, maternal mortality was much lower than in other developed nations with legalized abortion.

Even within the United States, the District of Columbia despite being an abortion sanctuary with no restrictions on abortion, suffers from a much higher maternal mortality rate than other states with significant abortion restrictions.

Safe, Legal and Rare?

Far from making abortions less common, legalizing abortion made them ubiquitous and exponentially increased the number of dead children and wounded women.

As Live Action explains in their article on abortion in the Soviet Union, “the First Ukrainian Conference of Gynecologists in 1927 show from 1922-1926, the absolute number of abortions had increased by 400%. At the same conference, it was found the number of induced abortions in proportion to miscarriages had increased by almost twelve times between 1922 and 1929.

In the United States, where abortion was completely legal, men like Dr. Kermit Gosnell were able to make millions of dollars running abortion mills that resulted in the deaths of several pregnant women and thousands of viable babies.

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