Democrat State Judge Blocks Louisiana Abortion Ban

Louisiana has become a fertile legal battleground for pro-abortion forces as multiple lawsuits are attempting to delay the implementation of the state’s abortion ban.

The Attorney General, Jeff Landry is expected to appeal to the State Supreme Court, but state district court judge Don Johnson made his injunction permanent after determining that abortionists have a likelihood to prevail on the merits of the claim that the abortion ban is vague.

The previous day, Judge William Prior, the Chief Justice of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, upheld Georgia’s heartbeat abortion ban declaring that after Dobbs there is no right to abortion and that facial challenges to abortion laws must necessarily fail under the rational basis review.

Although the Georgia case was in federal court, Judge Pryor rejected the very same pro-abortion strategy used by Judge Johnson in Louisiana. According to Justice Pryor, abortion bans and laws asserting the personhood of the pre-born child, are not void for vagueness and legal challenges on those grounds should be rejected.

ProAbortion Forces Rejoice at Their Ability to Continue to Kill Babies in Louisiana

The Center for Reproductive Rights is leading a targeted campaign to create chaos in state courts and extend the killing as long as possible.

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