Spielberg and Bloomberg Donated Big Money to Push Abortion in Kansas Vote

The famed director and his wife each donated $25,000 over the last weeks of the “Value Them Both’ campaign to ensure the killing of babies in Kansas remained a constitutional right.

Meanwhile, the biggest individual donor was Michael Bloomberg, the media mogul and past mayor of New York City who gave a reported 1.25 M to ensure legalized child killing.

Depraved Cultural Elites

Steven Spielberg’s daughter recently came out as an aspiring sex-worker, while Michael Bloomberg reportedly told an employee whom he had impregnated to “kill” the child.

According to the Post, when Bloomberg learned that former salesperson Sekiko Sakai Garrison (who sued the billionaire in the late 1990s) was pregnant in 1995, he reportedly told her to “kill it.”

The Cut, citing the Washington Post

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