Biden Will Sign Executive Order Pushing Abortion Today

Joe Biden Will Sign EO promoting abortion

The White House announced today that Mr. Biden will sign an executive order “protecting access to reproductive health services.”

In a FACT SHEET released on Friday morning, the president insists that the main responsibility and authority for ensuring that children can continue to be killed by abortion continues to be up to congress.

The order will instruct the department of Health and Human Services to ensure that chemical abortions are available in states that outlaw them.

The order will also convene a team of attorneys to begin to sue states where abortions are illegal using the White House as a hub for pro-abortion non-profits.

The White House also announced it will work with the Federal Trade Commission to go after deceptive practices, which could be an attempt to target pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.

As discussed in American ProLifer’s recent article on chemical abortions, many of the efforts to continue the legalized killing of children in the womb will focus around expanding the use of telemedicine or telehealth chemical abortions.

The executive order will surely face court challenges as states seek to exercise their constitutional power to protect the health and safety of their citizens, born and pre-born, while the White House seeks to promote abortion at all costs.

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