California Abortionist Plans to Kill Southern Babies on the High Seas

California Abortionist Plans to Kill Southern Babies on Board a Ship
Abortionist Dr. Meg Autry

San Francisco OBGYN Dr. Amy “Meg” Autry made headlines this week when she announced her plans to outfit a boat with a surgical abortion clinic in order to target babies in Southern pro-life states.

Dr. Autry, who is also a professor at the University of California in San Francisco is following in the footsteps of other radical abortionists like Women on Waves who sail to pro-life nations to offer their killing services.

Unlike Women on Waves, which focuses on using chemical abortions, Dr. Autry will attempt to commit not just chemical abortions but also surgical abortions. Note the typical euphemistic language used by the television reporter to describe Dr. Autry’s gruesome trade. Dr. Autry’s plan to dismember babies on the high seas is referred to as offering “services” at sea.

The Problem With Prosecuting Crimes on the High Seas

As shown in this PBS special report, it is notoriously difficult to prosecute crimes on the high seas, which is why human traffickers and now abortionists seek to go there to commit their crimes.

If personhood were established from conception, then it is possible that state authorities would have legal grounds to protect their citizens, born and pre-born, much as they would in any other case.

Not Just an Abortionist

Dr. Autry, like so many of her coreligionists in the radical left, also extends her work beyond killing children before birth to “helping” gender confused children with “gender affirming care.”

A growing number of adolescents in the United States identify as transgender and gender nonbinary, and many will seek medical management of menstruation. In this evidence-based review, we recommend a model of gender-affirming care grounded in the tenants of reproductive justice, emphasizing patient autonomy and the development of holistic management plans centered around the patient’s unique goals for affirming their gender identity. We then review strategies for achieving menstruation suppression for transgender and gender nonbinary adolescents, including dosing considerations, menstruation, ovulation, contraceptive effects, and metabolic considerations specific to the adolescent population.

Management of Menstruation in Transgender and Gender Nonbinary Adolescents by Amy Autry


  1. Abortion is murder – PERIOD. And those who don’t agree are sick in the head

  2. is that doctor trans because that is an ugly woman

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