Abortion Activists Deliver over 700k Signatures to Abolish the Right to Life in Ohio

Advocates for “abortion on demand” in Ohio have filed over 700,000 signatures to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot this November.

The supporters of the measure have submitted a total of 709,786 signatures, surpassing the required 413,487 threshold to account for possible errors and mistakes.

The proposed amendment, which purports to enshrine “reproductive freedom” is actually a frontal attack on the right to life of the preborn, and will, if passed strip preborn children in Ohio of any and all rights.

Should the proposal make it to the ballot, Ohio will be the sole state voting on abortion this year, setting the stage for a costly battle.

Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis emphasized the national significance of Ohio’s decision, stating, “As goes Ohio, so goes the rest of the nation.”

The pro-abortion amendment is a response to the 2022 U.S. Supreme Court decision that handed control over abortion access back to the states.

Dr. Marcela Azevedo, co-founder of the Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights, stated the usual euphemisms that seek to dehumanize the preborn child to the point where they are considered no more than an appendage or a tumor, that can be extirpated from the woman.

Currently, abortion is legal in Ohio up until 21 weeks and six days of pregnancy due to a court order placing a more expansive pro-lie law on hold. One of those was the 2019 “heartbeat” law that banned most abortions after cardiac activity was detected.

Ohio pro-lifers have attacked the Ohio Reproductive Rights Amendment arguing that it is an “extreme anti-parent amendment” and pointing out that the pro-abortion campaign had to rely on paid signature collectors to make the ballot.

The coalition behind the initiative, consists of a who’s who of the culture of death. Notable members include Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio and the ACLU.

Issue 1

In a closely linked referendum to the reproductive rights amendment, Ohioans will also vote on Issue 1 on August 8.

This proposal aims to raise the threshold required to pass a constitutional amendment from a simple majority to 60%. Republican lawmakers initiated this ballot measure, partly to prevent well funded outside interest groups like the abortion lobby from hijacking the constitution through the initiative process.

Issue 1 would also make it more challenging to qualify for the ballot by requiring signatures from all 88 counties.

If Issue 1 passes, the abortion amendment would need to surpass the 60% threshold to become part of the state constitution. However, backers would not be obligated to collect signatures from every Ohio county, as their deadline fell before the August election on Issue 1.

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