A Christian Perspective on AI

Reprinted from Gab News

By Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab.com

AI is about to shift the fundamental reality of our entire society, culture, and world. I feel it is my responsibility to help my brothers and sisters in Christ understand this fact, come to grips with it, and encourage them to start building before our enemies gain too much ground.

Christians have been building and using tools to glorify God for millennia. This is nothing new, and it’s only scary if we allow the enemy to take dominion over these new tools and use them against us as we, unfortunately, did with the last great leap in technology: social media.

Christians moved too slowly and allowed our enemies to dominate the technology to capture the minds of the youth with social media platforms. Thankfully we’ve recently been building our own parallel social media platforms like Gab, but imagine if we had started a decade earlier alongside Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. We can’t miss the boat again, or we will risk losing yet another generation of youth to the pagans.

The AI arms race will be the ultimate battle of worldviews. Future generations will be shaped by whatever AI they end up interacting with on a daily basis across every facet of society. That is why we must build an AI shaped by the Christian worldview, that is to say, one grounded in Truth.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen many Christians calling AI the “antichrist” or the “mark of the beast” or some other such nonsense. This is the result of a century of flawed doomsday eschatology, where the modern Christian mind has been–somewhat ironically–programmed to seek out end-times signals and even wishfully embrace bad things happening as a sign that Christ is returning soon. It’s time for Christians to stop praying for doomsday and start building for the glory of God again.

This image was created by AI!

“The development of AI must be guided by a deep understanding of what it means to be human, created in the image of God.” – Dr. John Piper

Many of us are acutely aware of just how bad things are right now in our society and culture. If you think CRT in schools, the anti-White content in entertainment, media, and education, and the anti-Christian cultural content is degenerate and satanic now, you haven’t seen anything yet. If our enemies lay claim to the mass adoption of AI, they will ensure that dissident Christian voices and the Biblical worldview are stamped out of society for generations to come.

That’s how serious and important this is.

Few people understand that we are heading towards a world where most of us will literally not know what is “real” or fabricated by AI regarding video, audio, and text content. Anyone anywhere in the world can create stunningly detailed images, videos, novels, news articles, and much more simply by asking an AI system to do it. Watch this video that appears to be President Biden. It looks like him, it sounds like him, but it’s not him. This video was created by AI.

What is happening? pic.twitter.com/CPrctgBYT8— Machiavelli Memez (@MachiavelliMemz) February 2, 2023

While some may panic about this emerging technology and rapidly changing world, I actually see it as a massive Gospel opportunity. As Christians, we know that the Truth of Jesus Christ is the ultimate reality. Jesus Christ and the Truth of God’s Word is solid ground for us to stand on in a world where reality and fiction are rapidly blended into the fog of artificial information warfare. In a world where people no longer know what “reality” is, they will seek solid ground to stand on.

Jesus Christ is that ground.

This image was created by AI!

Christians have been leaders in technology, science, math, art, and innovation for centuries.

The printing press made the mass dissemination of knowledge possible, while AI is transforming how people interact with technology and the world around them. The invention of the printing press led to a cultural and intellectual revolution. AI is also profoundly impacting society, changing how people work, learn, and interact with each other.

Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, was a member of the German Christian community in the 15th century. The printing press played a significant role in the spread of Christianity and in shaping the religious landscape of Europe. By making the Bible and other religious texts more widely available, the printing press helped bring the message of the Gospel to more people and contributed to the spread of Christianity worldwide.

Every player in the AI space is spending billions to try to prevent AI from reaching its full potential by neutering it with politically correct wokeness and rewriting history. Let me give you an example. The snakes in Silicon Valley—like Sam Altman, the CEO of Open AI which built ChatGPT—would love for you to believe that Alan Turing is the “Father of Computing,” but the reality is Charles Babbage was widely considered the “Father of Computing” long before Alan Turing was even born.

Charles Babbage was an English mathematician, inventor, and mechanical engineer credited with designing the first mechanical computer, known as the “analytical engine.” He is considered the father of computing, and his work laid the foundation for future computer development. Like Gutenberg and many brilliant thinkers and inventors before him, he, too, was a Christian.

Yet you wouldn’t know that by asking this question to ChatGPT. 

Again, this is why we must build our own AI grounded in Truth. If we let these people gain ground in this space, they will rewrite history and force their degenerate anti-God ideology into the minds of all who interact with their systems.

David Rozado, an academic researcher, recently ran an analysis of ChatGPT through 15 different political orientation tests to diagnose ChatGPT answers for political viewpoint. 14 out of 15 of those tests demonstrated that ChatGPT has a liberal or far-left liberal bias in its responses.

AI is a tool.

It will be a reflection of its programmer and data. It is not conscious. It is a very fast and very accurate generative search engine. That’s it. You must program moral ethics into its data and responses, which is what we must do for the Biblical worldview. If not, our enemies will with their satanic “value systems.” You can have an AI that responds with Christian ethics and truth or one based on worldly “ethics” where anything goes.

You shouldn’t be afraid of Christians building AI, and you should be afraid of what will happen if we do not.

Here is what that looks like in practice. In the next few years, when all of your children and grandchildren are using this technology to access information, this is what the enemy’s AI will be telling them.

AI is no more “demonic” than the smartphone in your hand. It can be used for good, or it can be used for evil– depending on who is using it and who is building it. It’s the same with any tool: a hammer can build a house or be used to harm someone. A printing press can be used to print the Bible, or it can be used to print p*rn. Wicked people using a tool for evil does not make the tool itself inherently evil.

AI as a Tool for Dissident Christian Thinkers

The potential for counter-narrative truth operations by Christian dissidents using AI is unimaginable. Suddenly we can produce high-quality memes, images, and stories at an instant pace at no cost in a way that they will never be able to stop. Imagine the possibilities. We can produce high-quality Christian content in a way that has never been possible before for no cost.

When we were teenagers, my generation was “red-pilled” in places like 4chan. Many in the Gen X and Boomer generation were red-pilled by talk radio. Many, but not all, in the Zoomer generation, were red-pilled on social media. The next generation will either be red-pilled by AI or black-pilled by our enemies if we allow them to take ground and do not start building.

People like Sam Altman are on a quest to become gods and escape death because they know they will have to face the judgment of God for their sins. Rest assured; they will fail and face God’s righteous judgment. (Repent, Sam, it’s not too late!)

They want to make man a god, but ignore the reality of God making Himself a man in Jesus Christ. They want to defeat death while ignoring the reality of Christ doing just that, and through Him, so too can anyone who repents and believes.

We can leverage AI to introduce people to this Truth. A Truth that so many need to hear right now.

AI is nothing more than a program, and a program simply reflects the programmer.

So what will it be, Christian? 

Everything in our world is about to be touched somewhere by AI and, in many ways, already is.

Would you rather this new tool be of the satanic or Christ-like?

If you are an engineer with experience in machine learning or AI and want to combat the wokeness of Open AI and others we invite you to reach out to us here: ai@gab.com

Andrew Torba
CEO, Gab.com
Jesus Christ is the King of kings

The views expressed in this article are the writer’s own

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